Saturday, January 3, 2015

Willful Defiance Now Acceptable Behavior In CA Schools!

California's new law condoning "Willful Defiance" from students towards authority across the educational system should not happen! The Los Angeles Times New Years Edition  recently published article titled, California's New Laws for 2015: How Are You Affected?" informs the public that "Schools can no longer expel students who 'willfully defy' teachers or administrators at any grade level and cannot suspend students for that misbehavior through Third Grade."

Students Now Free To Interrupt Classroom Instruction!

With California's new Bad Behavior Law, what are we now telling our students? Simply stated, any Kindergarten through Third Grade student has been given the "green light" to tell their teachers off, including eliciting profanities, and now there is nothing teachers nor administrators can do about it! 

Don't think for a moment that children of these young ages aren't capable of willfully defying their elders as I have been in the teaching profession long enough to know this isn't true! Remember, children are the "product" of their upbringing in a society where disrespect runs rampant!

The big question is, "How much is an educator able to take before he/she blows up?" I would imagine if this incorrigible child is allowed to disrupt classroom instruction and return the following day to the classroom without a "time out suspension", it will only encourage others to act the same! As the expression goes, "Monkey See, Monkey Do!" and students will emulate the actions of their peers.

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