Monday, January 5, 2015

Defiance In Home & School = Violent Protests

California's 2015 Bad Behavior Law allowing "willful defiance" in the public school system free of consequences is setting up our youth for future disruptive societal behavior and the potential for violent protests! By eliminating the consequences of suspension for willful defiance of a teacher or administrator in Kindergarten through Third Grade and school expulsion across all grade levels, we are telling our students disrespect of authority is "acceptable behavior" in our society!

Elbert Guillory, an older black Louisiana State Senator, accurately cites how willful defiance of authority begins in the home, extends into the schools, and is later found in the form of riots and protests in our society. He states, "Parents are not teaching respect for authority at home, and so they go to schools and there is no respect for the authority of their teachers and no consequences for their disruptions. When they get onto the streets and attempt to confront police officers, that's a losing situation every time. We have to change that!"

Defiance = Protests And Destruction!

The new educational laws in the State of California promoting "willful defiance of authority" are doing a great disservice to the youth of our great State! How can these laws be good for our children? They only encourage rebelliousness and disrespect and set the stage for destruction and pain. I agree with Senator Elbert Guillory, "We have to change this!" But, I just don't know how we will do it!

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