Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Respectful Class Is A Happy Class!!

The foundation of a good education is respect among teachers and students. Now that California has passed a Bad Behavior Law condoning students' willful defiance of teachers and administrators, the end result will be nothing but classroom chaos. Any good educator knows that without classroom respect, it is nearly impossible to teach and a respectful class is a happy class!

A Respectful Class Is A Happy Class!
The odds against teachers are already stacked with broken homes, poverty, peer pressure, and lack of parental guidance. Adding "outright disobedience" to the equation, the end product is destined for failure.

What will be the consequences of this willful defiance? Will students be sent to a "time out detention" room until things cool down? Our new California law states, "Schools can no longer suspend a student who willfully defies a teacher or administrator from Kindergarten through Third Grade." If this law is followed to the fullest extent, that obstinate child will inevitably end up back in the classroom with his/her peers, to the dismay of the educator who was publicly degraded.

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