Saturday, January 3, 2015

California Encourages Disrespect Among Youth!!

With the implementation of California's new "Bad Behavior" law, school age youth will receive no repercussions for willful defiance of authority. According to the LA Times, "Schools can no longer expel students who 'willfully defy' teachers or administrators at any grade level!" This law is very dangerous for deranged youth who rebel against attending school and will go to any extent to distract others from the freedom to learn. Such students will turn their peers against the teachers, creating unrealistic views of these teachers to other students and their parents.

"She's Mean And I Won't Do What She Says!"

Now, students of all ages have the choice to willfully defy their teachers without the consequence of being transferred to a different school (expulsion) OR not attend school at all without the repercussion of being sent to juvenile hall, thanks to Governor Brown's new law stating, "Confinement in a juvenile detention facility or juvenile hall is no longer allowed as a penalty for minors who are found in contempt of court solely for failing to obey a judge's order to attend school."

Doesn't this sound much like current societal trends, allowing our nation's youth to wander about at all hours of the night while encouraging others to disrespect figures of authority such as the police? Aren't they allowed to say whatever they wish, to the point of inciting riots and protests, due to their obvious lack of respect for authority. And now, we are also condoning this in our California Public Schools! If respect isn't taught in the home by the parents or in the public school system, what does the future hold for our country's youth and the future leaders of our great nation?

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