Saturday, January 3, 2015

California Teachers "Welcome" The New Year?

California Teachers "Welcome?" the New Year with new laws that will significantly affect their ability to teach! I was appalled to see the Los Angeles Times headlines that arrived on our doorsteps on New Years Day! California's Governor Jerry Brown, in his infinite wisdom, signed a new law with No Consequences for BAD BEHAVIOR  in our classrooms, that to me is almost Unbelievable!

California Teachers "Welcome" 2015?

California's new Education Law for 2015 reads:

"Schools can no longer EXPEL students who 'WILLFULLY DEFY' teachers or administrators at any grade level and cannot SUSPEND students for that misbehavior through Third Grade.

Furthermore, those students who choose not to go to school to raise hell with their teachers, can now enjoy the benefits of No Consequences for their decisions!

California's new Truancy Law for 2015 reads:

"Confinement in a juvenile detention facility, or juvenile hall is NO LONGER ALLOWED as a penalty for minors who are found in contempt of court solely for failing to obey a judge's order TO ATTEND SCHOOL."

Needless to say, the ramifications of these laws for educators in 2015 are endless!

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