Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's December: Enjoy The Christmas Season!

While making a December 1st Christmas Countdown Chain with my young grandson, I reflected on how much fun the Christmas season is for a Kindergarten Teacher. It quite certainly is busy, and at times even exhausting, but nothing takes the place of the sheer excitement on a young child's face when he/she is busy with a Christmas project.

I'm So Proud Of My Countdown Chain! 
Hopefully, Christmas has not been eliminated from our public school system for the sake of "political correctness" and our youth are able to take a brief rest from academics to experience creativity in the many arts and crafts the Christmas season brings their way.

For those of you who have classrooms, enjoy this Christmas season with your little ones. As for me, I plan to have lots of fun with my grandson, making handmade gifts for family and friends, while creatively instilling in him the academics necessary for a successful transition into Kindergarten.