Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donald Trump: Are You Smarter Than A Kindergartener?

Most Kindergarten students come to school with a blank slate, eager to absorb all that comes their way. Through repetition and positive reinforcement from parents and teachers, our youngest students are introduced to academic and social behavior skills during this first year in school. Both skill areas are vitally important and must go hand in hand to be successful.

Can You Get Along With Others?
Through years of teaching, I have known Kindergarteners who were extremely bright, but unable to get along with others. As a result, they spent many days "sitting on the bench" for hitting their classmates or saying things that weren't nice. They just couldn't seem to understand that things would go better for them if they would just make a choice to "use their hands to help someone" and "think before they speak." But, by the end of the year, through much toil and trouble, I was pleased to say they were socially-ready for 1st Grade!

It is one thing to be intelligent and another to interface with people in a respectful and productive manner. Some feel intelligence is the sole key to life's success and strive to gain knowledge. Yet, if they are unable to communicate knowledge to others, this knowledge is worthless!

My Kindergarteners learned they need to get along with others to be successful in life. I challenge you, Mr. Trump, can't you just try to get along with others? What profit will you bring through your unsolicited insults? Are you able to "bite your tongue" and instead find something nice to say? My Kindergarteners recited, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Do you also believe this, Mr. Trump?

I taught my Kindergarten students that we are a "family," and as a "family" we have to work together without fighting. How does an unbridled tongue bring unity to our country? How will you be able to unite the Democrats and Republicans when you are President, if you can't even get along with your "own party?" Donald Trump, ARE YOU Socially Smarter Than A Kindergartener?


  1. Sadly, Republican voters seem to agrees with Mr. Trump's attitude as well as his views. Senator Sanders believes that teachers, police, and firefighters should be some of the most highly paid professions. I personally believe that the Republican war on public education is an effort to deprive the general population of the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to participate in a free, democratic society. All in an effort to steal our natural and human resources. Thank you for being a teacher.

    1. I thank YOU for commenting on my post! :)