Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I've Finally Returned To Post My Thoughts!!!

Two summers and one school year later with NO teaching contract, I return to my Blog!  After all, I don't have anything to lose as I am STILL Unemployed!  :(

I wish to extend my sincerest apologies to all of you who "dropped by" during my absence. I just didn't want to post what I really felt as I still had hope I'd be rehired by my former employer and didn't want to "eat" my words. However, our school year begins tomorrow in Long Beach, California and I didn't even receive a phone call to fill in as an "Overflow Teacher" as I did last year.

Don't You Love This Job?

Following my last blog post in July of 2013, I was given a temporary one month assignment by LBUSD to open the 2013-2014 school year in September. This was due to having been on their mandatory "3 Year Rehire List" as stated in California Education Code 44956: Any permanent employee whose services have been terminated as provided in Section 44955 shall have the preferred right to reappointment in the order of original employment as determined by the board for the period of 39 months from the date of termination.

Apparently, LBUSD had an unusually large number of students not yet assigned to teachers and I was "next in line" to be given an opportunity to teach. I obliged and found myself shuffled around with a group of students before finally landing an air conditioned computer lab as my classroom. Although I was assigned a 6th Grade class at one of their Middle Schools and I was used to teaching Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students, I didn't complain because for some crazy reason, "I Love To Teach!"

I am reminded of my favorite coffee mug that states:

"The Little Joys Of Teaching Are Without Number."

I guess "Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher" and it just plain hurts not to be given a teaching contract this year! Obviously, a Master's Degree in Education, 21 years teaching experience, and the ability to speak Spanish when there are so many immigrant children coming into our country doesn't make any difference! And, I would wager, we will have some of these children coming to our schools because Long Beach Unified School District is the third largest district in the State of California, with 81,155 enrolled students in the 2013-14 school year! However, instead of going to bed early in anticipation of greeting my new class tomorrow, I am writing to you on this Blog!  Figure that one out.....

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